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Remember to always choose sustainable fish to eat...

Remember to go green and choose Fish to Eat! Check seafood labels closely to see where and how your fish was produced.

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Witch, Witch flounder, Torbay sole

Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

Witch is comparable in taste to megrim, flounder and lemon sole. A right-eyed flat fish (both eyes on the right-hand side of the body). Witch are typically sold whole, either fresh or frozen, but may ... read more

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Platichthys flesus

If your flounder fillets are not white when you buy them, they will become white when cooked - best done with wine and sauces to prevent it from drying out. Flounder fact: When a flounder is born it ... read more

Depending on how and where it's caught this species ranges from sustainable to unsustainable. Check individual options to make the best choice.

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Showing 0-2 of 2 species | Results per page

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