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Prawn, Tiger, prawns (Caught at sea)

Panaeus monodon

Method of production - Caught at sea
Capture method - Demersal otter trawl
Capture area - Eastern Indian Ocean (FAO 57)
Stock area -
Stock detail -
Certification -
Fish type - Shellfish

Sustainability rating To be Assessed

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The black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) belongs to the largest of the prawn and shrimp family, the Penaeidae. Its lifecycle may be divided into 6 stages or phases, from embryo to adult, which it completes in one year, migrating from inshore nursery areas to offshore as it matures. The age of sexual maturity varies from 5 to 11 months. They can live up to 2 years in the wild, although farmed prawns are usually harvested at 6-8 months. There are several other species of wild-caught tiger prawn, including P. esculentus (brown tiger) (Australian waters only), P. semisulcatus (green tiger) (Indo-West Pacific and introduced into the Mediterranean) and P. merguiensis (banana prawn) (Indo-West Pacific). Significant fisheries exist for this latter species, particularly in South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand) and the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia.

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