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Fish of the month recipe for Trout, Rainbow

Bio aqua farm crispy trout bites with gremolata mayo

Bio aqua farm crispy trout bites with gremolata mayo Rainbow trout can be a clean and delicate flavour when farmed with Aquaponic methods, and a good source of Omega 3. This easy to make dish is a balanced blend of Mediterranean flavours. The crispy coating and smooth centred bites with the zesty gremolata complements a freshly mixed salad with an Italian dressing of olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. I recommend to use local and organic where possible.


200g sustainably sourced smoked trout (If you cant find smoked you can use fresh)
100g boiled potatoes of your choice
100g mayonnaise
20g parsley
20g garlic freshly grated
1 lemon zested and juiced
Pinch of black pepper
Tea spoon of salt
400ml sunflower oil
80g breadcrumbs
30g flour
1 egg beaten

Serves 4


Fish cake Remove all the meat from the fish discarding skin and bones. In a bowl add trout with the boiled potatoes and season with salt and pepper, mix to a chunky dough and roll in to bite size balls. Now coat the balls in flour and gently roll them in the beaten eggs and then coat them with bread crumbs, the fish cake are now ready to be fried. Gremolata dressing In a bowl mix the mayonnaise, garlic, parsley, lemon zest and juice. Your dressing is ready.


Heat the sunflower oil to 170c, when hot gently drop in the fish cakes and cook unitl crispy and golden, serve the fish bite hot and with Gramolata Mayonaise dressing on the side.

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Antonio Paladino

Antonio Paladino

Antonio Paladino comes from a farming and lake fishing region in the North of Italy where he trained as a chef, then moving to London 18 years ago where his career transformed, working in five star hotels and fine dining restaurants to private event catering, he had the honour to cook for some of the most important people in the UK, including members of the Royal family and top celebrities. Naturally food production was becoming his next obsession, with the core values of sustainable food solutions with optimum quality and leaving our planet in a better state than we have found it. About 6 years ago during a journey around the world Antonio discovered ancient farming methods as a possibility for the future of farming, one in particular that stood out was that of the Chinampas known as the floating gardens, combined with more recent eco farming technology lead to Antonios determination to bring this to the forefront by pioneering of a commercial scale integrated farm in the UK with permaculture at heart. His farm and gourmet food has turned heads, and has been featured on BBC2 Harvest 2015.

My connection with seafood

Antonio is the pioneer and co-founder of Bioaqua farm, the biggest integrated aquaponic trout farm in Europe and the first commercial farm of its kind in the UK. This farming method provides a sustainable solution for the future, producing fish and vegetables with less resources and zero-waste.

Why sustainability is important to me

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, for me there is no other option. If we do not make positive changes now to our food and farming systems then we will need to face bigger challenges down the line, some of which may not be remedied. It is a complex subject with so many factors influencing the sustainability issues of today. We raise our rainbow trout within organic standards of fish stocking density, we hand feed only certified organic fed. Our nutrient-rich fish water is pumped to the plants which are the living bio-filter for the fish, then the clean water is returned to the fish tanks. logo

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