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Fish of the month recipe for Salmon, Atlantic (Farmed)

Easy-peasy salmon and spring green stir-fry

Easy-peasy salmon and spring green stir-fry
This recipe is thanks to my daughter, Tati. Wanting to feed her something healthy and delicious, I steamed greens from the fridge, cooked some noodles and then threw in all the ingredients I had lying around. The Spiced seeds were sitting temptingly on the side, she insisted on throwing them in. The scant amount of salmon stretches amazingly well, making it an affordable, healthy supper dish I would happily eat every week.


350g spring greens, tough stems removed, cut into 2-3cm ribbons ;
1 large organic farmed salmon fillet (about 250g);
2-3 tbsp sesame oil;
2 chiles de arbol;
1tornato cutin half ;
1 large onion, finely chopped;
3 fat garlic cloves, finely sliced;
5cm knob of ginger, peeled and finely chopped;
3-4 tbsp soy sauce;
3 tbsp sherry;
A good handful of spiced seeds (optional) or some toasted sesame seeds.

Serves 4



Very quick Tip - I usually eat this with noodles that I cook in advance, rinse under cold running water (to prevent the noodles sticking together) and then toss through the stir-fry to heat up at the last minute, but it is equally good with rice.

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Tomasina Miers

Tomasina Miers

Thomasina Miers is a cook, food writer and television presenter, an entrepreneur and the co-founder and Executive Chef of Wahaca Restaurants - cooking fresh food inspired by the food markets of Mexico, using free-range meat, sustainable fish and recycling everything down to its food waste. Wahaca won the SRAs Sustainable Restaurant Group of the year award in 2012 and have won various other awards for the sustainability of the business, the quality of the food and its value. Tommi has presented various cookery shows on television and radio, including A Cooks Tour of Spain, Wild Gourmets, Mexican Food Made Simple and The Kitchen Cabinet (BBC R4). She is the author of six books, her latest book is all about chillies - CHILLI NOTES, Recipes To Warm The Heart (Not Burn The Tongue) is published by Hodder and Stoughton, 2014. In addition to the day-to-day running of the restaurants, Tommi is a passionate supporter of slow, seasonal food, and local markets. She wholeheartedly and vocally supports the Fish Fight campaign and recently cooked insects in Oxford for the Grand Banquet of Rainforest Insects amidst the Ghost Forest trees with experts in the field of food security. In 2013 Tommi and Tristram Stuart launched a new campaign The Pig Idea which aims to reverse the ban on feeding catering waste to pigs. As part of the campaign, the Feeding the 5000 team in partnership with Wahaca Mexican Restaurants will be rearing 8 pigs in Londons very own Stepney City Farm. At the end of this trial period The Pig Idea hosted The Pig Feast in Trafalgar Square where they provided a free meal to thousands of people as a way to raise awareness of the campaign and the issues. Tommi lives in London with her husband and two young daughters.

My connection with seafood

Sustainably sourced seafood is a key ingredient in my recipe repertoire.

Why sustainability is important to me

I am a passionate advocate of good food, responsibly sourced and wonderfully cooked. I support fair-trade producers and local markets and campaign for a variety of worthwhile causes . Wahaca won the SRAs Sustainable Restaurant Group of the year award in 2012 and has won various other awards for the sustainability of the business, the quality of the food and its value.

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