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Fish of the month recipe for Clam, Razor, clams

Razor clams with garlic, lemon and Welshman's caviar

Razor clams with garlic, lemon and Welshman's caviar
Razor clams are fantastic! Such lovely meaty texture I cannot get enough of them. This is just a very quick simple recipe combining classic flavours of lemon and garlic with a touch of laver seaweed.


1 kg of Razor clams
100g of butter
5 cloves of garlic
3 lemons
Sprinkle of Welshmans Caviar

Serves 4


5 Minutes


1. Heat a heavy based frying pan and add the butter and clams 2. Once it begins to sizzle add the garlic and lemon juice (from 2 lemons) 3. As soon as the clams open they are ready to eat so be sure to take them off the heat as soon as possible otherwise they will overcook and get a little rubbery 4. Serve in a large bowl, sprinkle on top some Welshmans Caviar and slice the remaining lemon into wedges and place on top 5. Happy eating

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Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Our Story 2010: I started life in Pembrokeshire, a county blessed with a beautiful coastline perched on the west coast of Wales. I wanted to celebrate the produce of the area in a unique and inspiring way, combining foraged seashore ingredients with fresh local seafood. And so I started Cafe MA r in 2010 on a part time basis to test the market. Unable to find a suitable location in Pembrokeshire, I hit the road attending local food festivals, farmers markets and private events, experimenting with different seafood dishes and testing them on lots of happy customers. 2011: Due to the popularity of the products, Jonathan decided to give up his office job up and concentrate full time on the business in May 2011. After a successful summer at various festivals across Wales, Cafe MA r was shortlisted for the finals of the British Street Food Awards. So to help impress the judges, Jonathan and his brother Ben (boat builder extraordinaire) built a Beach Shack out of local drift wood and travelled up to Jimmys Farm (Suffolk) with a van full of fresh local seafood. Cafe MA r took the finals by storm winning Best looking Mobiler, Best Drink and most importantly of all Best of the Best 2011! 2012: As a result of winning Best British Street Food Vendor lots of opportunities arose and so a further five Beach Shacks were built to help meet the demand of a busy 2012 summer. But perhaps the most exciting of these was supplying Cafe MA rs signature dish "SeaShore Wraps"to the athletes in the Olympic Village, the biggest peace time food operation in history! A truly fantastic experience! 2012 has been another amazing year with Cafe MA r winning more and more fans across the country. The development of retail and food service business models has resulted in Cafe MA r being incorporated as part of a new company called The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company. Our aim is simply to: Create imaginative, innovative and delicious food To share our passions for food, sea, beach and life To inspire sustainable business and promote conservation To celebrate our seas and beaches

My connection with seafood

I simply love the beach and sea, being brought up in Pembrokeshire I have had the beach on my doorstep all my life and we are simply blessed with fantastic seafood. To me seafood will always be my first choice on a menu, I am always intrigued to try new dishes, new cooking styles as well as enjoying the old classics.

Why sustainability is important to me

Sustainability is a massively important to us and is a core ethos of our business from the type of packaging and disposables we use to the ingredients and produce from the local area. We also like to educate the public about the fish and shellfish we use and why we use it as well as hand out MCS pocket guides to our customers. Having being brought up in such a beautiful area has meant that we are keen to make our business as sustainable as possible.

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