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Fish of the month recipe for Arctic char

Miso marinated arctic char noodles salad

Miso marinated arctic char noodles salad


1 Arctic char, whole and gutted
For the marinade:
200 gram miso paste (medium strength) ;
4 tablespoon caster sugar;
4 tablespoon mirin;
4 tablespoon sake;
1 red onion;
100 ml sushi vinegar;
1 tablespoon dashi;
200 gram cooked green tea;
soba noodles (or normal brown);
100 grams edamame pods ;
80 grams sprouts
8 shiso leaves.

Serves 4


For the miso marinate: melt the miso sugar, mirin and sake over low heat, whisk into an even paste then leave to cool down. Fillet the arctic char, rinse in clean water and dap dry. Rub miso paste into both sides of the fillet and leave to marinate in the fridge for 2 days. To make the salad: gently heat sushi vinegar until lukewarm and ad dashe powder, whisk well until dissolved. Peel red onion, cut into 1/12 quarter wedges, leave in vinegar to marinate for 1 hour. Turn the oven on at 200 C. Cook green tea noodles in boiling salted water until al dente, about 7 minutes. Drain and rinse in cold water to ensure noodles do not stick together. Rinse miso paste of chard fillet under a gently running cold tap, dab dry with kitchen towel, place on a lined baking tray skin side up and brush with oil. Cook for 12 minutes in the oven the edges if the fish are caramelised, leave to cool down and peel of the skin to discard. Cook edamame beans in salty water for 2 minutes, drain and rinse in cold water to stop cooking. Roll 4 shiso leaves into a cylinder and slices into fine strips. Divide noodles into 4 bowls, top with pickled onions, edamame, flaked fish, shiso leave and sprouts. Finally drizzle a of tablespoon vinegar form pickled onion over each portion and the salad is ready to serve.


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Silla Bjerrum

Silla Bjerrum

Danish by birth, Silla Bjerrum, childhood holidays spent by the sea in Denmark. It was then that Silla learnt the simple pleasure of good locally sourced food (seafood in particular), prepared with care. This important lesson informs everything she does as a restaurateur and chef. Although planning to be an academic, Silla took a job at a Japanese eatery in London and fell in love with sushi. Her natural flair as a chef led her to co-found Feng Sushi with Jeremy Rose in 1999. Silla then built on her basic sushi making skills by travelling to Japan to learn more. Right from the start Silla introduced seasonality and sustainability to the menu at Feng Sushi, using the best ingredients, such as sustainable salmon, line caught mackerel, local crab and hand dived scallops.Silla supports sustainable fish farming and is active in the dialogue about the future of fish and fish farming. Silla has the technique and skills of a traditional sushi chef but is more interested in modern interpretation of this ancient cuisine. Silla now works freelance on various new projects like events, pop ups, teaching and a blog on how to prepare fish for sushi. Recently Silla has also started working on projects with Danish food, in particular Herring and Gravad Lax, please see her website for full details.

My connection with seafood

I spent childhood holidays by the Danish seaside and here first appreciated the pleasure of eating local seafood. My style of menu has been founded on great quality food and seasonality and sustainability are key principles in deciding our menu and sourcing our fish. I am passionate about seafood and ensuring the future supply of fish through wise use so that eating fish can always be a component of a healthy lifestyle. Future generations rely on us to pass on healthy seas and maintain biodiversity.

Why sustainability is important to me

The idea of sustainability informs all I do . I teach Billingsgate Seafood Training School and other cookery schools across the UK. I speak regularly about sushi and sustainability, host events and pop ups celebrating UK sourced sustainable fish. I actively support the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), was a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, founding member of the Fish2fork Chef Club and won the Sustainable City Awards 2011/12 for the food category, The SRA price for Innovations in 2013 and MSC Award for Chef of the Year 2015.

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