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Fish of the month recipe for Anchovy, anchovies


A sweet and sour salt explosion!


8 x Salted anchovy fillets 8 x Green olives
8 x Sweet guindilla marinated chillies
8 x Mini pickled onions
(Note: preserved fillets are available year round)

Serves 4


5mins First place your pickled onion onto a cocktail stick, then one half of the guindilla pickled chilli, one half of your anchovy, your olive, then the other half of the anchovy and guindilla. For the real experience, eat in one mouthful. Enjoy with a nice glass of Manzanilla Sherry.



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Sam and Sam Clark

Sam and Sam Clark

Sam and Sam met after being introduced by friends on the basis of their identical names - Samanthas surname was Clarke before they married. After a stint at The Eagle in Farringdon, generally credited with being Londons first proper gastro-pub, the Sams joined Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray at the legendary River Cafe . Here they learned techniques and philosophies that would be the foundations for the cooking at Moro. In the Spring of 1997, newly married, the two Sams embarked on a camper van road trip through Spain, to Morocco and the Sahara. They immersed themselves in the food of each region, trying in every way to forget their western culinary habits and to learn to cook every dish like a native; to create faithfully the evocative flavours of the land. The Sams have run Moro together for fifteen years and have published three successful cook books: Moro: The Cookbook explores the tastes and dishes they discovered on that first caravan trip and the recipes on which Moro was founded. Casa Moro came about after the Sams bought their house in Andalusia. It draws inspiration from Sierra Nevada village life and getting back to the old al andalus ways. Moro East follows the Sams East end allotment for a year, documenting not only the seasonal dishes it inspired, but also the thriving and diverse community. With stunning photographs by Toby Glanville, the book is also a swan song for the 100 year old site, which was repossessed in 2010 to make way for the Olympic site. In 2012, to mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of Moro: The Cookbook, the three books were re-released, as a matching set, with new cover designs. The new Morito cookbook is being compiled now so keep an eye out for it soon.

My connection with seafood

The Spanish are one of largest consumers of seafood per capita in the world, so it is no surprise that the Moro menu reflects this. We are always inspired by the wonderful fish markets of Barcelona, Jerez and throughout Galicia that provide us with endless inspiration.

Why sustainability is important to me

Sustainability in restaurants has to go hand in hand. It is my duty as a restaurateur to promote sustainable routines and practices throughout the business: we source seasonally and locally as much as possible to reduce air miles, recycle most of our waste, use only sustainable sources of fish, among other practices. As sustainability gets easier, more mainstream and sophisticated we need to constantly update and adapt our routines. logo

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