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Fish of the month recipe for Scallop, King, scallops

Seared scallops with pureed spinach, sea aster & sea blite

Seared scallops with pureed spinach, sea aster & sea blite


3-4 diver-caught king scallops per person, prepared
500g spinach leaves
50g butter
1 tbsp olive oil
2 shallots, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, crushed
3 tbsp double cream
freshly ground black pepper & sea salt
1 lemon
foraged sea aster and sea blite to garnish

Serves 4


Wash the spinach and remove any thick stalks. Melt half the butter in a medium saucepan then add the shallots and garlic and cook over a medium low heat for 2 minutes. Add the spinach leaves and allow them to wilt in the garlic butter, turning occasionally to ensure all the leaves get a turn at the bottom of the pan. Transfer the spinach leaves and shallots to a colander and squeeze out the excess liquid then transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth. Return the pureed spinach to the pan, stir in the double cream, season to taste and gently re-heat. Pat the scallops dry with kitchen paper and season with salt and pepper. NB. When foraging, you must obviously be certain you know what you are picking before you start eating it. It is advisable to consult an experienced forager to ensure your wild pickings are all edible species. Recipe by Katherine Marland


Heat the olive oil in a frying pan or skillet and, when hot, place the scallops in a single layer in the pan and cook for about one to 1 and a half minutes on each side until golden brown and caramelised on both sides but barely cooked in the middle.

Towards the end of cooking, add the remaining butter to the pan and baste the scallops. Remove the pan from the heat then squeeze some lemon juice over the hot pan juices.

Place a spoonful of the pureed spinach on each plate, top with the scallops and drizzle with some of the pan juices.

Garnish with delicious sea aster and some small pickings of sea blite.

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Kate Humble and Katherine Marland

Kate Humble and Katherine Marland

Kate Humble is a TV presenter and all-round conservationist. She started her career as an actress and TV researcher before making her name presenting BBCs Springwatch. She lives in the Wye Valley with her husband Ludo, her dogs Badger and Bella, and a hive of bees. Kate asked Katherine Marland of Kathers Kitchen to provide the delicious recipe.

My connection with seafood

Fish is healthy, delicious and extraordinarily versatile. I love eating it, but will only chose it if I know it has been caught in a way that is not detrimental to other marine species or the marine environment. Fish has sustained human beings for generations, but it is a resource we should treasure and manage with the upmost care.

Why sustainability is important to me

Kate says, "The sea is the greatest nature reserve that Britain has. It is very difficult to visualise what is underneath the surface. This whole eco-system is absolutely seething with life - an amazing life, beautiful life, quirky life - life that even Steven Spielberg could not dream up. For me that is what is so special about the sea that it really is a nature reserve of fantastic proportions that we should treasure and protect". logo

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