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Please note seasonality information only applies to fresh (not frozen or tinned) fish, as fish that are frozen at sea or tinned can take some time to reach the consumer. Neither does it apply to farmed fish. Fish that are farmed, although most often bought fresh, do not breed or reproduce in the same way wild-caught fish. Breeding and stock size is controlled as is the case for all farmed animals.

Get recipes each month for fish in season from celeb chefs including Raymond Blanc, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Tom Aikens and more

Featuring seafood recipes by:

Tom Kitchin | Geetie Singh | Cyrus Todiwala OBE | Giorgio Locatelli | Benjamin Bartlett | Paul Robinson | Kate Humble and Katherine Marland | Darina Allen | CJ Jackson | Henry Dimbleby | Raymond Blanc OBE | Caroline Bennett | Emily Howgate | Allegra McEvedy MBE | Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall | Alan Steer | Tom Aikens | Harry Niazi | Jack Stein | Emma Spofforth | Silla Bjerrum | Nathan Outlaw | Valentine Warner | Tomasina Miers | Matthew Couchman | Catrin Thomas-Price | Sam and Sam Clark | Jonathan Williams | Kirsty Cruickshank | Benjamin Bartlett | James Sommerin | Katie Davidson | Andrew Kojima (Koj) | Mitch Tonks | Anna Turns | Ian Jarmarkier | Mike Warner | Libby Ross | Mike Lewis | Antonio Paladino | Tom Hunt | Sasha Ziverts of Wright Brothers | Tony Coulson | Jose L Souto Fellow C.G.C

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Fish of the Month will help you choose sustainable fish all year round.
Fish featured in our monthly calendar are caught or produced using methods with the least environmental impact and from the most sustainable sources, and are rated 1, 2 or 3.
Please note: some ratings may change as new information on stock status etc. becomes available and is reviewed against MCS sustainability criteria.

Recipe calendar
Our calendar includes recipes from celebrity chefs who love cooking with sustainable seafood.

Selected fish
The wild caught fish have been selected for their specific months so they can be eaten as far away from their breeding season as possible.

Size matters!
Fish do not mature or breed below a certain age and size. Increase the sustainability of the fish you eat by avoiding baby fish, and only eating fish above the size and age that they mature – this will give them chance to breed and contribute to the next generation. For more information on seasonality and fish size download our Seasonality Table or our Seasonal pocket fish buying guide.

Further information
For comprehensive listings of Fish to Eat, Fish to Avoid and Fish to eat only occasionally, download our Pocket Good Fish Guide. or if you have a specific question about the fish you are planning to cook, Tweet, Facebook or email

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